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Winter’s upon us and as those cold mornings set in, the last thing we want to be doing is getting up earlier than needed to sleepily blow dry our hair. Damp hair is also a total no-no during the cold winter months. Of course, then there is the option of styling the night before BUT who wants to waste their precious evenings getting ready for well…work. A few glasses of wine is way more appealing. So, we’ve come up with some foolproof techniques which require minimal effort and will leave you with the best bed hair ever.

For loose, undone hair – dry your hair completely and then tie into a tight plait. All you need is 5 minutes in the morning to unplait, separate the waves and add a texturiser. Add bounce and definition to your curls with our go to Texturizer by Sebastian Professional.

For big bouncy curls – apply a volumising mousse to damp hair and then section into 4 buns before you go to sleep. When the morning comes, let yours curls tousle down and run a serum through to smoothen the curls. We recommend Extra-Volume mousse by Wella Professional to create head-turning volume.

Possibly the hardest style to accomplish is the sleek look. Do your hot iron work the night before and to keep any flyaway strands at bay during the night, smooth over with a serum. It is important to take all the right steps during the night to maintain hair sleekness. Firstly, invest in a silk pillowcase as this will stop any kinks and frizz. Additionally, ensure your room is cool and the temperature regulated as we all know what a disaster humidity can be on your hair.

Say Good Morning To Your Dream Hair!


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