The Ten Commandments of Hair Care

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We all know at least one woman with enviable glossy hair, no frizz or kink in site – like they’ve just stepped out of the salon. Oh how we want to be her. How can we do it without drowning in products and hours of traumatic hair styling? At Steven Carey we’ve rounded up our holy hair commandments to help you resemble that enviable women.

Commandment 1 – Brush your hair gently twice a day using a paddle brush. Alex, our hair extension specialist can’t get enough of the Great Lengths version.

Commandment 2 – Always blow dry on a low heat as overheating the hair can cause damage leaving your hair feeling dry and weak.

Commandment 3 – Use protective treatments. Daily exposure to the weather and heat from styling treatments can wreak havoc on your locks so it is important to protect your hair regularly.

Commandment 4 – Visit the salon regularly for a trim. Habitual haircuts keep the hair healthy and stimulate hair growth. If you are trying to grow your hair, this is definitely the best thing you can do to nurture those locks.

Commandment 5 –Don’t be afraid to use natural products. Some of those old wives tales really do work wonders. Naturally boost your colour with the following miracle products; cranberry juice, camomile tea and coffee. For redheads, wash your hair with cranberry juice and then rinse. Whether you’re a dyed or natural redhead – the natural red in cranberry juice will give your hair that extra glow. For blondes, let the camomile tea cool then proceed to dowsing your hair in it. You can do this twice a week until the desired blonde tone is created. For brunettes, cooled coffee is recommended to give a richer tone to your hair. And on top of that according to the international journal of dermatology, coffee stimulates the hair follicles making your hair grow even faster!

Commandment 6 –Don’t overwork the hair, over styling will have the opposite effect and leave your hair looking limp and lifeless. No one likes the crispy hair look.

Commandment 7 – Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel. Normal towels can cause a lot of friction, damaging the cuticles and creating frizz. The cotton t-shirt will still absorb the water without leaving you a frizzy mess.

Commandment 8 – Rinse and condition your hair in cold water. Cold water helps to lock in moisture, shine and condition.

Commandment 9 – Don’t wash your hair every day. Washing your hair everyday strips your hair of its natural oil, drying it out in the long run.

Commandment 10 – Remember not to brush your hair when it’s wet. It goes against everything you’ve ever learnt about hair care but brushing your hair when wet is the number one cause of hair breakage.

So there you have it the 10 commandments to happy hair!

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