Steven Carey

Steven Carey, originally from Manchester is one of London’s best kept hair secrets. A modest hairdresser with over 30 years’ experience, Steven believes that hair is the greatest accessory.

With this theory, Steven has crafted a career in hairdressing, working internationally for the likes of Vogue, Tatler, Harper and Elle. However, Steven’s real passion is transforming the hair of his day-to-day clients, working with each individual client and creating a style that gives clients confidence.

With a high attention to detail and a self-confessed perfectionist, Steven works closely with his clients to craft easy-to-maintain, healthy, lustrous hair.

Steven Carey released his dream of opening the Steven Carey Salon in 1993, his team of
stylists, colourists and beauticians have crafted a client-base that sees clients travel globally to visit the London salon.

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