Nothing is worse than the inevitable moment when your perfect blow dry starts to drop out. So, to get that in salon look to last as long as possible we’ve come up with some full-proof tips to keep that blow dry lasting until the early hours.

Don’t touch this

It’s the most tempting thing ever when your locks are feeling and looking super luscious but refrain from touching, as the grease from your hands will cause your blow dry to drop prematurely.


Dry Shampoo is your new best friend, not only will it get the grease out but it will add volume. The dry shampoo will soak up all the excess dirt and oils until you are eventually forced to wash your hair.

Singing in the shower

It’s not the most glam solution but it sure does save you from the dreaded humidity hair. It’s the perfect steam shield.

Bye bye bedhead

The life of your blow dry lies in your bed. Firstly, invest in a silk pillowcase as the smooth fabric creates less friction than other materials. Also, try and keep your hair up when you sleep. If you loosely tie it on top of your head, this will allow your blow dry to maintain its shape. It is important to very loosely tie your hair to avoid kinks.