Grow Your Own Locks

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Grow Your Own Locks

Trying to grow your hair to Rapunzel length and it’s just not happening? Follow our hair care routine to get longer hair in no time.

Brush with Care

Take extra care when brushing your hair. Incessant brushing can cause long-term damage to your hair. If you are to brush your hair when wet, always make sure to start from the bottom and work up.

Change it up

Ever noticed those short wisps of hair sticking up from the middle of your head? That’s from one too many high ponytails or bun tops when all styling has gone out the window. For a simple solution which will save the health of your hair in the long run, just switch up the placement of your hair band.


When shampooing, massage into your scalp to encourage hair growth.

Chop Chop

Scissors are your friend! Ironically, it’s important to get your hair cut regularly to get rid of split ends. This prevents the split ends from working their way up the hair and in turn having to cut off more hair. Visit our Long Hair Clinic at Steven Carey to remove split ends without losing the length. Also, get all the guidance you need to grow your hair.

Stay Cool

Lay off the heat! Do anything you can to reduce the heat applied to your hair. Use your hair dryer, curling tongs and straighteners less. But when you do, be sure to use a heat protector.

Ice Ice baby

After you’ve washed your hair, rinse it under cold water for a few seconds. This helps to seal in the hair cuticles, locking in moisture.

You Are What You Eat

Feed your hair from the inside to promote hair growth. Try adding more protein to your diet, such as nuts, fish, eggs and yoghurt. There is evidence of hair shedding in people who lack protein in their diet.

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